Spring Rock Road Residence, Mountain Brook, AL

This large modern/contemporary residence features many sustainable and energy saving attributes. This house was built from the ground up in Mountain Brook on 10 acres of land with a pond and horse pasture. This home features:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Solar panels for generating electricity during daylight hours and storing the energy in batteries for use during non-daylight hours with the ability to take the home “off the grid”
  • Hydronic (water) floor heat throughout the home (the same that is used out west in mountain areas)
  • Spray Foam insulation
  • Rain screen exterior veneers using Hardie panel, cedar planks, and corrugated metal panels to decrease heat gain into the home
  • Steel standing seam sloping roofs and white reflective membrane flat roof to decrease heat gain into the home
  • A water well for domestic water independent of “the grid”
  • Polished concrete floors throughout the main level and sanded and sealed OSB subfloor as the finished floor upstairs.
  • Wood burning stove

This home was completed in Summer, 2014.